Lubricants Analysis

Lubricants Testing and Inspection

Lubricant testing and oil condition monitoring provides quality and condition assessment of lubricants and oils used in engines and other expensive machinery and systems. Lubricant quality control testing includes lubricant analysis programs for large, high-value engines and drive-trains, turbines, ships, trains, generators, offshore platforms, and other valuable machinery.

ABD Energys lubricant quality testing helps clients minimize costly down-time and repairs by alerting the customer to early, developing problems before they become big, expensive, and costly failures.

Base Oil Analysis

Base Oil Testing and Inspection

We test and inspect refined lubricant base oils for quality control, troubleshooting, and supply-chain bulk cargo inspection, on a global basis. Base oil are used as a raw material and core component for lubricants used by manufacturing, transportation, power generation, and many other industries. Base oils vary in characteristics and are often blended with other feedstocks and additives.

Base oil testing helps ensure quality is maintained throughout the refining, blending, transportation and storage process. Expertise in chemical analysis techniques is also available to help with tough problem-solving, trouble-shooting, formulation, and trace contamination issues. Lubricant products start with base oils. ABD Energys base oil services support clients from raw material evaluation to finished product QC.