Our technical staff has decades of experience and knowledge of fuel additives. Our technical staff oversees new product development, performs fuel additive testing and makes product application recommendations.

Our regulatory compliance support services include:

IVD Oversight Services
Our staff helps you maintain the required records related to the use of IVD additives. Services include developing a custom volumetric additive reconciliation (VAR), training on collection of this data and reviewing the data to assess compliance.

VAR Oversight Services
We review actual IVD usage vs. target rates and work with the terminals to understand their specific IVD usage requirements (ethanol, low usage, etc.) to establish their target rate.

ULSD has introduced additional VAR requirements for tracking sulfur contribution in diesel additives such as red dye and static dissipaters.

Reporting Assistance
We check the numbers generated from the terminals to ensure they are in compliance with EPA regulations and help generate VARs. VARs are then sent to a predetermined location for central storage.

Terminal Administration Manuals
We provide a terminal administration manual for each terminal and keep them current. This tool help ensure that EPA compliance issues are properly addressed.